Mar 27

Lallemand Animal Nutrition

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Your partner for natural, microbial solutions

As a world leader in the development of specific natural microbial solutions, Lallemand Animal Nutrition is committed to optimising animal performance and wellbeing, maximising both efficiency and return on investment. We produce high quality yeast and bacterial products, including silage and slurry inoculants, probiotic bacteria, yeast & yeast derivatives (feed additives) and bacterial bedding conditioners, and offer our practical expertise in using them on farm.  These include products such as Magniva and Levucell SC, proven over decades of successful on-farm use, and more recent innovations like Eazybed PRO and SlurriN PRO.

We recognise that a farm is a sum of microbial ecosystems and our integrated solutions are designed to add value to forage, the animal’s digestive and immune system, its environment and organic waste. Together, we can help farmers minimise antimicrobial use and move towards a more sustainable food system from the farm gate to the dinner plate through improved feed efficiency, reduced waste and enhanced food quality.

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