Mar 18

Heather White

Speaker Details

Dr. Heather White is originally from southern Indiana and earned her BS from St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana. She then earned her MS and PhD at Purdue University and subsequently did a postdoctoral fellowship at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Heather went to the University of Connecticut as an Assistant Professor before joining the University of Wisconsin-Madison as faculty in 2013. Heather is now a Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the area of dairy cattle nutritional physiology. Dr. White’s research strives to determine the mechanism of nutrient partitioning, feed efficiency, and metabolic health in order to provide science-based solutions and interventions to improve dairy cow health and productivity. Within the transition to lactation period, Dr. White’s research program focuses on the individual animal variation and nutritional interventions that support successful transition with hepatic and whole-animal nutrient partitioning and metabolism.

Heather teaches and mentors at the undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate levels. Additionally, Dr. White is serving as the Faculty Director of the Dairy Innovation Hub that spans University of Wisconsin-Madison, Platteville, and River Falls and focuses on dairy related research that can improve animal health and welfare, enhance human nutrition, steward land and water resources, and grow farm businesses and communities.