Feb 14

Pre- and Peri-Parturient Management of the Pregnant Cow – Ensuring Optimal Foetal Viability

The health and nutrition of the cow in pregnancy and around calving directly impact foetal and neonatal viability and long-term productivity. Research in dairy science has shown that proper management during this period plays a pivotal role in ensuring the overall reproductive success of the dairy herd.

During the TotalDairy Workshop ‘Youngstock Nutrition and Management’ course, dairy professionals will gain valuable insights into effective management practices that support the pregnant cow and her unborn calf. Understanding the impacts of nutrition and health on foetal development is essential for enhancing the chances of a successful calving and a healthy and productive heifer.

Some key areas covered in this component include:

Maternal nutrition for foetal growth, epigenetic effects and colostrum quality

Providing the pregnant cow with the right nutrition during late pregnancy is crucial for the development of a healthy calf. Research has shown that inadequate nutrition during this period can lead to placental compromise, lower capacity for colostrum absorption, lower birth weights, and may affect the long-term genetic programming of newborn calves.

Reducing infectious and opportunistic disease

Infectious disease and contaminants of feeds can reduce foetal viability and resilience, even if abortion is avoided. Understanding the key agents and the sort of feeds that are high risk can help advisors and farmers avoid heifers starting life on the back foot.

Feeding for colostral quality and quality

The nutrition and management of cows can significantly influence both the amount of colostrum and the concentration of antibody and non-nutritional factors. Micronutrient, environmental stress and demographic factors all play a part in determining the value of ‘liquid gold’. .

By attending this course, dairy professionals will be equipped with evidence-based approaches to manage pregnant cows effectively. This knowledge will enable them to play a vital role in optimising the reproductive performance of dairy herds, leading to healthier calves and improved farm productivity.

Join us on 6th – 7th March 2024 at The Gables Hotel, Bristol Road, Falfield, South Gloucestershire, GL12 8DL, and enhance your expertise in managing pregnant cows for optimal foetal viability.

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