Jan 10

Feeding the Dairy Heifer: Nurturing Ruminant Development with Evidence-Based Nutrition

Understanding the intricate nutritional requirements of dairy heifer calves from birth right through to first calving is essential to foster proper growth, immunity, and future milk production. Additionally, critical appraisal of different feeding systems and their management will optimise the health and performance of the future dairy herd.

The Importance of Pre-Weaned Nutrition: Building the Foundation

The pre-weaned period is a critical phase in a calf’s life, laying the foundation for its future growth and productivity. Optimal nutrition during this stage is vital for muscle and skeletal development, rumen development, and overall health.

Role of Milk in Pre-Weaned Nutrition: More Than Just Nutrition

Milk, the primary source of nutrition for pre-weaned calves, plays a multifaceted role in their development. Beyond its nutritional components, milk also provides essential bioactive compounds, growth factors, and antibodies that support the calf’s immune system. Research has shown that calves fed sufficient high-quality colostrum and milk experience reduced mortality rates and enhanced disease resistance, setting them up for a healthier future.

Transition to Solid Feed: Nurturing the Rumen

As calves age, they gradually transition from a milk-only diet to consuming solid feed. This transition is crucial for the development of the rumen, the complex fermentation chamber in the calf’s digestive system.

Critical Assessment of Feeding Systems: Making Informed Choices

In the dairy industry, various feeding systems are employed to nourish pre-weaned calves. These range from traditional individual bucket feeding to group housing with automated feeding systems. Each has its advantages and challenges, and selecting the most suitable one requires careful consideration of factors such as infrastructure, labour requirements, cost, calf health, and growth rates.

Delivering Evidence-Based Nutritional Advice: The Key to Success

As dairy professionals, providing evidence-based nutritional advice to calf rearers is paramount. Every farm has unique management practices, and tailored nutritional recommendations can significantly impact youngstock health and productivity.

During this course, participants will learn how to critically assess the nutritional needs of calves based on the latest research and scientific evidence. They will gain the skills to develop customised feeding protocols that consider factors such as calf age, environment, and available resources.

The implementation of evidence-based feeding strategies can lead to healthier calves with improved weight gains, reduced incidences of health issues, and enhanced feed efficiency.

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