TotalDairy Seminar 2018

TotalDairy Seminar 2018 will took place on 4th and 5th July 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Our key theme was "Implementing Best Practice to Maximise Return" with the aim of not only presenting the latest research on all aspects of dairy herd management but also communicating the potential financial impact of all the areas discussed at the event.

In keeping with our ethos of Delivering Global Dairy Expertise, we had expert speakers from around to world to bring you updates on the latest research in their field and practical take home messages to implement on your farms.

Please view the agenda below.

Wednesday 4th July 2018

Lectures Workshops Advanced Workshops
08:30 Registration Opens
9:15 Implementing Best Practice to maximise return Wisconsin Style Don Niles
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The 600 day race, rearing heifers from weaning to first calving Alex Bach
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10:45 Coffee
11:15 Pre-and post-partum nutritional management to optimize energy balance and fertility in dairy cows Phil Cardoso
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Milking Efficiency: Myth-busting the milking process Tom Greenham Optimising youngstock management - what matters and how to achieve it Claire Wathes Kate Johnson Automated Mobility Scoring by CowAlert – Entering a New Era in Cow Monitoring Moisture and energy dynamics in modern dairy systems; the role of building design Jamie Robertson
Subclinical Ketosis is pastured dairy herds Bryan McKay
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12:45 Lunch
14:15 Kinematics of claw- floor interaction: the key for understanding and preventing claw lesions Christoph Muelling
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Managing the heifer: genomics, the calf and fertility for improved production Jonny Duncan, Willows Vet Group Estimating nutrient requirements of calves and heifers and achieving them in practice Alex Bach Vitamins and Minerals, an update, how to assess availability and requirements Bill Weiss
Managing environmental pressures on dairy cows to maximise health and fertility Jamie Robertson
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15:45 Tea
16:15 Increasing Milking Efficiency: Latest research in to UK performance Tom Greenham
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Best Practice in Maternity Care for your cows Don Niles Evaluation of trimming and flooring Christoph Muelling Impact of feeding amino acids on health, performance, and fertility of dairy cows Phil Cardoso Mycotoxins & Endotoxins in Dairy Feed: Combined Effect on the Rumen & Milk Production Nicole Reisinger & Ines Taschl
Key considerations for weaning calves successfully Alex Bach
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17:45 Close
19:00 Drinks Reception Followed by Dinner

Thursday 5th July 2018

Lectures Workshops Advanced Workshops
08:30 Registration Opens
09:00 Grouping cows for health and production Bill Weiss
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Playing hide and seek with profits in dairy production Alex Bach "Go with the flow!" - Improving Milking Efficiency Tom Greenham From calves to cows - two ways to reduce disease and antibiotic use on farm with Steve Glanville, Hook Norton Vets, Andrew Bradley, QMMS
1. At the mercy of a bad winter or could you make a change for less BRD in 2018? with Steve Glanville, Hook Norton vets & Ailsa Milnes, Boehringer Ingelheim

BRD in calves is a major cause of mortality and reduced growth rates. BRD reduces the potential to meet key performance indicators such as age at first calving and replacement rates.
RUMA have targeted a year on year increase in calf vaccination as a way to reduce disease and antibiotic use. BRD is multifactorial, so there’s a lot that farms can do to reduce the impact of BRD.
In this workshop, Steve Glanville, from Hook Norton Vets, will share his practical experience of what can be done on farms to prevent BRD. The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum to share best practice.

2. A European Consensus from the experts on drying off cows to reduce mastitis and antibiotic use with Andrew Bradley, QMMS & Kath Aplin, Boehringer Ingelheim

How do we find the right approach to dry cow therapy for an individual farm, for optimal udder health and appropriate use of antibiotics?
Andrew Bradley was one of a group of seven European experts on mastitis control who met recently to reach a consensus on this topic. In this workshop he shares what the group agreed and the guidelines they produced. Case examples will show how they can be put into practice.
Participants are invited to bring cell count and mastitis data from their own farm(s) if they wish; Andrew will be available for one-to one consultations after the workshop.
Strategies to alleviate aflatoxin deleterious effects on performance, inflammation, and oxidative stress in dairy cows. Phil Cardoso
Strategic Heifer Management at Dairy Dreams Don Niles
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10:30 Coffee
11:00 Thermodurics: significance, sources and management Andrew Henderson Digital dermatitis: the skin barrier and the role of foot bathing Christoph Muelling Managing the heifer: genomics, the calf and fertility for improved production Jonny Duncan, Willows Vet Group Bryan McKay Bryan McKay Enhancing immunity and reducing the need for antibiotics Arnout Dekker
Cost effectiveness of mastitis interventions Pete Down
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12:30 Lunch
14:00 How do digital dermatitis lesions develop? - host pathogen interaction at the skin barrier Christoph Muelling
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Biological and financial rules for successful calf systems Jamie Robertson How to prioritise mastitis interventions - producer workshop Pete Down Pushing the boundaries in Johnes Control Don Niles "The cost of being wrong" and "Improving milk composition via nutrition" Bill Weiss
Are all clays created equal? Clay utilization in diets for dairy cows Phil Cardoso
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15:30 Tea
16:00 Beef from dairy panel discussion, chaired by Alex Corbishley (Edinburgh University)
Panellists: Richard Phelps (ABP), Carolyn Hogan (Zoetis), Tom King (Dairy & Beef Producer, Dorset)
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17:30 Close