TotalDairy Seminar UFAC UK

Mike Chown
07827 249157

UFAC UK Ltd. are leaders in the development of high quality energy and protein supplements for all farm livestock, with particular expertise in fatty acid and bypass protein feeds.

Diets for today's high genetic merit dairy cows require precise supplementation at all stages of lactation including the dry and transition periods if they are to produce to their potential, combining efficient milk production with excellent health and fertility.

Key to this is providing the necessary balance of fatty acids and other energy sources such as glycerine in a form that optimizes digestion. We have innovated, developed and perfected the science of blending liquid nutrient sources and bonding them into protective matrices, making them rumen –inert and therefore more effective. The result is a range of products specifically tailored to meet the nutritional challenges faced by modern dairy cows.

In addition, we produce dry products containing high quality protein sources to deliver the precise levels of bypass protein and specific amino acids. This, combined with specific liquid nutrients such as high omega 3 oils, glycerine and trace element and vitamin sources, means we can offer a complete range of specialist nutrition products to the progressive dairy farmer.

All our products are manufactured in the UK to exacting quality assurance standards.

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