TotalDairy Seminar Progiene

Progiene is committed to optimal herd health and the production of top quality milk. Mastitis, lameness and poor fertility are key issues on UK dairy farms that reduce income. Having structured hygiene routines and using high quality dairy hygiene chemicals often make the difference between profit and loss.

Drawing on the latest market research, the innovative Progiene range of quality teat dips, circulation cleaners, disinfectants, hoof and bedding hygiene products are developed to meet the current needs of dairy farmers as closely as possible. Recently, Progiene have also become distributor for the Ecolab dairy chemical range, offering an extensive product portfolio and a hygiene solution for every farm. Progiene, a division of Rumenco Ltd, have an experienced team of Area Business Managers who are able to offer specialist on-farm practical support. To find out more please visit or speak to us on stand today!

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