TotalDairy Seminar IceRobotics

0131 541 2010

IceRobotics improves the health and well-being of livestock globally by delivering highly accurate, reliable, cutting-edge sensor solutions. Our product CowAlert uses pioneering technology providing 24/7 health, lameness and fertility alerts to dairy farmers, enabling them to transform their herd management and make significant time and cost savings.

We provide you and your herd with all the information required to optimise the productivity and most importantly the well-being of your cows by alerting you to her heats, including optimum AI window, lying time and early lameness detection including her overall mobility score.

Our unique Lameness alert module detects lameness at its early stages, often before visual signs become apparent. Allowing the user to act fast and reduce the number, severity and duration of lameness cases.

Understanding that lying time is a high priority behaviour with lack of lying significantly impacting on both production and well-being in your herd and your bottom line! CowAlert monitors your whole herd day and night, providing clear insights into their lying time information.

CowAlert provides you with practical and reliable information which helps you maximise your dairy herd's performance, whilst saving you time and money. Discover how CowAlert can help you and your herd today!

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