TotalDairy Seminar Evidence Group

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At the Evidence Group (previously EBVC (Evidence Based Veterinary Consultancy)) the core of our business is in the measurement and management of individual farming systems to inform specific advice and guidance that fits each farm and its team. Through detailed data analysis and prioritising animal health, welfare and production efficiencies, we aim to drive improvements that deliver a sustainable, profitable business model.

Our consultants are primarily vets that no longer undertake traditional veterinary roles in practice. We predominantly offer technical consultancy as either a one off, or more commonly, an on-going basis, forming part of the farm team and visiting each month (or agreed interval). We work closely with farm business consultants to provide those services where needed (cash flows projection, budgets, grant applications, bank or finance negotiation). Our service is supported by a large administrative team that provides the full range of IT tools to make our service cutting edge.

We are confident that through our extensive experience and our transparent, collaborative approach we can make your dairying business, wherever you are in the world and whatever your aspirations may be, more profitable with healthier, happier staff and cows.

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