May 17

Thomas P. Tylutki PhD PAS Dpl. ACAN

Speaker Details

Tom was raised on a 65-cow dairy farm in eastern New York State. He attended Cornell University where he received his BSc in Animal Science in 1990. At that time, he began working with Dr. Danny Fox on his MSc. It was here where he was introduced to the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS).

Tom’s masters work focused on maintenance and growth of cattle. His masters serves as the basis of the growth requirements in the CNCPS, 2001 Beef NRC, and the 2001 Dairy NRC. Upon completing his masters in 1994, Tom was employed by Dr. Fox and Dr. Alice Pell. For the next two years, Tom continued working on CNCPS development and implementation. Implementation was focused on the New York City Watershed (Phase 1) analyzing the impact of dairy cattle nutrition on nutrient excretion. Following this, Tom became an area dairy specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension. In this role, he advised farms and interacted with all aspects of the dairy industry. During his tenure in extension, Tom continued development of the CNCPS.

In 1998, Tom returned to Cornell in the dual role of employee and PhD student. His employment revolved around the development of CNCPS ver. 6.0. His PhD work focused on predicting phosphorus excretion of cattle and implementing six sigma quality control principles on commercial dairy farms. Upon completing his PhD in 2002, he continued with the development of CNCPS and began consulting with feed industry. In 2005, he left Cornell University to start Agricultural Modeling and Training Systems, LLC (AMTS).

As a co-inventor of CNCPS, Tylutki has been focused on ensuring the core biological model is implemented correctly for day to day ration formulation. AMTS, of which Tylutki is President and CEO, develops, trains, and provides nutritional technical support for nutritionists and feed industry globally. Currently, AMTS is active in over 50 countries. In addition to CNCPS implementation, Tom and AMTS focus on training under local conditions to ensure success of the nutritionist and the dairy or beef or small ruminant operation.

Tylutki has over 150 publications including journal articles, book chapters, extension articles, and popular press. He is a member of the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists  where he is a Board Certified Animal Nutritionist.

His wife, Bonnie, is a veterinarian and they have two children. They live near Ithaca, NY.