Oct 05

Michael Blanche

Speaker Details

A former Land Agent, Michael found tweed just too itchy and moved to SAC as an Agricultural Consultant where he learned more from his clients than his clients learned from him. One day he told his wife he was going to buy 10 sheep to start a flock, he came back with 50; all purchased on a credit card.  Michael is surprisingly still married and the Credit Card company phones every day. 

He is a Nuffield Scholar, hosts a vanity project podcast called The Pasture Pod and still – worryingly -does some consultancy.  His main job is mincing about with his 1000 sheep on his tenanted farm in Perthshire. He also manages 500 ewes next door (he needs to tell you this because he is insecure about his flock size). 

He enjoys thinking about grass and talking about grass. He still has 1 wife and 4 children, all of whom think grass is dull. 

In early 2023 The Pasture Pod released a six part series called “It’s About Time” that put forward the hypothesis that time and how we use it is the third dimension to farming. A dimension we know is there but simply don’t see it properly and definitely don’t address in meaningful ways