TotalDairy Seminar World renowned handling expert Temple Grandin to join top line-up

British dairy farmers will have a rare opportunity to hear from globally renowned cattle behaviour and handling expert, Dr Temple Grandin at this year's TotalDairy Seminar on 1-2 June in Gloucestershire.

Dr Grandin's curved chute and race systems are used worldwide and her writings on the flight zone and other principles of grazing animal behaviour have helped many people to reduce stress on their animals during handling.

In North America alone, almost half of cattle are handled in a centre track restrainer system that she designed for abattoirs. Her life story has also been made into an HBO movie staring Claire Danes, which won seven Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe.

Dr Grandin will be presenting her thoughts on stockmanship and cattle handling as part of a series of lectures and smaller group workshops at TotalDairy Seminar. Dairy producers will also have a unique chance to ask specific questions and discuss ideas as part of a dedicated farmer workshop under the topic of "Stockmanship for welfare and productivity".

Dr Grandin adds: "I'm going to cover the importance of acclimating animals to future new experiences such as being handled or going in the milking parlour. To reduce stress, it is essential that an animal's first experience with something new, such as the milking parlour, is a good first experience."

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