The foremost aim of TotalDairy, and its predecessor the Large Herd Seminar, has always been to provide a format and content that is readily accessible to a mixed audience of farmers, vets and nutritionists. Our challenge is to blend the technical with the practical as we strive to be as valuable to our audience as possible. Building on an established reputation for hosting an event which focusses on quality in every sense we are now consistently able to attract outstanding speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds and from all over the world to share their philosophies, practices and research.

After the success of the first Large Herd Seminar in 2005 for an audience of 80 the decision was taken to make it an annual event. Now an established date in the dairy calendar audiences of forward-thinking dairy producers, leading large animal veterinary surgeons and progressive companies who supply the dairy industry are approaching 400. Direct access to the latest research findings, management know-how and practical techniques from around the world, in a relaxed, enjoyable environment, continues to help improve their herd productivity and performance.


TotalDairy is hosted by the Evidence Group and Warwick Bastard (Model Nutrition Dairy Consulting).

Evidence Group is a specialist veterinary consultancy which works with all levels of the agricultural supply chain in a variety of ways from developing farm-specific herd management strategies to delivering nationwide farm animal health initiatives. With our origins in dairy production, our team of farm consultants are vets who have extensive experience in herd management to promote animal health, welfare and production efficiencies.

Model Nutrition Dairy Consulting is an independent nutritional consulting service supporting dairy herds to increase their overall performance and improve management. For more information please contact Warwick Bastard at or 0772591 2808